Hello New Zealand


Dictate New Zealand is about to launch and our code hipsters are busy preparing the website to finally bring you a one-stop-shop for all your professional digital dictation and transcription needs using the latest and very best voice recorders and transcription kits in the market from Olympus.

To celebrate our launch in July 2019 we have a coupon for you to use which gives you half price off the Olympus ODDS Dictation App licence for your iPhone or Android phone. To take advantage of this half price offer just use the code HALFPRICE on checkout.

Want more? How about free shipping in our first month … you got it. Just use the code ZIPSHIPJULY at checkout for free shipping.

Dictate New Zealand is brought to you by people who have been Olympus Pro Audio resellers for more than ten years, your International neighbour the Dictate Group in Australia.

Now we have access to fast international shipping from Sydney and Olympus software licence keys available within minutes over the internet it was time for us to reach out the hand of dictation and transcription knowledge to you in New Zealand. We speak your language, we are pretty much on your time-zone and we know Dictation and Transcription.

We are always happy to help with any advice or questions on all things dictation and transcription. Reach out to us on twitter @DictatesNZ, email or look out for us online with our live chat (pop-up bottom right of the website).

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