Olympus DS-9500 Firmware Update v1.121

A new firmware update has been released for the Olympus top of the range wi-fi enabled digital dictaphone the Olympus DS-9500.

The firmware update can be applied to the device using an update program either from a Windows PC or a Mac (although macOS 10.15 Catalina is not supported in this updater).

It is important to keep your Olympus DS-9500 up-to-date with firmware to benefit from the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

In this firmware update, the following has been addressed:


  • Fixed an issue that occurs when connecting to enterprise Wi-Fi environments.
  • Common causes of device freezing have been corrected.

Specification Changes

  • Improved the device charging specifications.
    • a. Enabled to charge via USB even when the device is PIN Locked.
    • b. Support recharge from Battery Low via USB AC.
    • c. Deleted the confirmation screen “Charge battery?” when charging via USB AC.
    • d. Improved stability when charging from a certain PC.
  • Made it possible to stop and resume recording in MP3 format with Type B and Type C slide switch modes.
  • Fixed the issue that the REW function may not operate at the end of a file.

To update your Olympus DS-9500 firmware to this latest version please download the appropriate firmware update tool for your computer, Windows or Mac:

It is important that your Olympus DS 9500 is fully charged and docked while applying the firmware update.

Video showing Olympus DS 9500 firmware update
Video showing Olympus DS-9500 firmware update on Windows

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