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The Olympus Dictation App for both iOS and Android is revolutionising how and where professionals dictate and is popular with the legal and medical community. The app along with an ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) one-year subscription delivers unlimited, individually encrypted audio files and can be used along with a physical dictaphone or as used a replacement.

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Office or Practice Manager? Whether you have one, ten or hundreds of authors their ODDS licences are all managed through a single dedicated Olympus Administrator portal for your business. You see how many licences you have, reallocate or suspend licences from staff who have left, order or renew licences and manage all your individual licence settings. Or just do what most of our clients do and let us set up and configure it all for you. Just a single user? No problem we are happy to set you up also on the trial.


Why use the ODDS subscription? olympus dictation app ds2 256bit encryptionSecurity.

Only with the ODDS subscription can audio files be individually 256-bit AES encrypted in the audio format used by the majority of the digital dictation authors DSS Pro or .ds2 audio files. This means that dictation files are protected even before they are sent via HTTPS or ftps – and cannot be listened to by unauthorised persons at any point in the delivery chain. If you are dictating confidential client or patient information that is sent over the internet, individual file encryption as well as end-to-end transmission encryption is essential.


What is the difference between the free app and the app with the ODDS subscription?

Without the ODDS subscription only larger, .m4a audio files are created and can only be sent by email, not encrypted. With the subscription you have a choice per individual licence, email the encrypted audio or send to your company secure SFTP server.


How does the 60 day free trial work? The trial is a great way to introduce your dictation authors to dictating on their smartphone. You nominate how many users you want to trial, we get their details (email addresses, both the author and who to send the audio to) along with any details on existing digital dictaphones. E.g. their Author ID and any configured Worktypes (like letters, notes, consult, etc.). By using the same audio files details from an existing physical dictaphone there is no interruption to your existing dictation and transcription workflow.

No physical dictaphone already? No problem, we will just define an Author ID for your audio files for you. There is no upfront payment required. Toward the end of the 60 days you choose to keep some, all or none of the licences. Any licences you do keep we will convert to a standard one-year licence for you. Any you don’t will just expire.


What do the ODDS one-year licences cost if I decide to move from the trial to a standard licence?

The Olympus Dictation App ODDS licences are NZD 155 each. They are not an auto-renew licence and no credit card details are required. Toward the end of each year you are given the opportunity to renew some, all or none of your licences. Once you have selected how many to renew we send you an invoice, you won’t be stuck in a subscription that you forget and get charged for, you are always in control.


How easy is it to link the Olympus Dictation App with the trial licences?

Simple, we supply you with four fields to enter into the settings in the Olympus Dictation App. The first two fields are specific to your company and are always the same value. The second two fields are user specific and unique to each device. To help you communicate this with our users we have a simple two-page guide to follow or a 4 minute video to follow.


Do you have companies using the Olympus Dictation App already?

Yes, the app has been available globally for a couple of years. The Dictate group has over 300 businesses using the app daily with clients from Australia, Germany and the USA. One legal client has 60 lawyers using the app daily for their dictation.


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