Olympus Digital Dictaphone – Firmware Updates

The digital dictaphones that Olympus make are small but sophisticated devices. They, just like your PC or Mac, need regular software updates to fix bugs and enable new functionality. For the digital voice recorders, these software updates come in the form of firmware updates.

When you buy a new digital dictaphone from Olympus they will be loaded with the latest firmware update, the version of the firmware can be seen via the system menu on the device itself.

The best way to be notified of firmware updates is to either:

  • Keep an eye on the official Olympus websites
  • Keep an eye on specialist digital dictation blogs like
  • Subscribe to our mailing list (we don’t email often, only when things of interest happen)

This month (September 2019) Olympus have just released firmware version v1.041 for the Olympus DS-9000 and DS-2600 digital dictaphones. The firmware update includes the following bug fixes and updates:

  1. Improved the device charging specifications.
    a. Enabled to charge via USB even when the device is PIN Locked.
    b. Support recharge from Battery Low via USB AC.
    c. Deleted the confirmation screen for “Charge battery?” when charging via USB AC.
  2. Fixed the issue that the SD card may not be visible as a drive when connected to a Mac.
  3. Fixed the issue that the speaker and microphone might not work when connected to a Windows 10.
  4. Fixed the issue where REW did not function at file end.
  5. Changed the order of files to always be in the order of Job numbers.
  6. Support Append Recording in MP3 format. Insert recording and overwrite recording are not supported.
  7. Rev to Stop will no longer overrun the stop position.
  8. Support a skip to the beginning or end of the file when you double click REW or FF.
  9. Improved so that noise from the slide switch will be minimized when you Append Recording.

The firmware update can be applied to the digital voice recorder from either a Windows PC or from a Mac. You need the specific firmware update tool for your computer type, Olympus provides both. Please also make sure the dictaphone battery is fully charged, the voice recorder is USB connected to your PC or Mac and is powered on when you run the firmware update tool.

Firmware update for Windows:

Firmware update for macOS:

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